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Leap into reading

Register your little ones to join other Mill Pond Minis in this wonderful opportunity! Early Literacy prepares children for school and creates skills for lifelong learning. 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity for you to give your child a Leap into Reading. The goal of the program is to read a book, any book, to your children. It sounds hard but isn’t. The average picture book takes about 5 minutes to read. That means you get through the entire program in less than 15 minutes a day. If you read one book a night for a year, that’s 365 books! That is 730 books in two years and 1,095 in three years. Most kids start kindergarten at around 5 years of age; you have more time than you think. So get started today!

Studies show:

  1. Reading with your child provides a great opportunity for bonding and will create life-long memories for the both of you.
  2. Reading to your child early on will give them a leg up when they get to school.
  3. Children who hear a wide variety of words in the first three years are more likely to have higher IQs.
  4. Developing strong language skills from birth to preschool leads to better grades in elementary and middle school.
  5. Children who know the alphabet before kindergarten are more likely to be strong readers in high school.

Components of early literacy:

  1. Phonological Awareness: The ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words, beginning with recognizing environmental sounds and progressing to hearing syllables, rhyme, and sounds at the beginning of words.
  2. Print Awareness: Understanding that print has meaning and knowing how to hold a book.
  3. Letter Knowledge: Understanding that letters can look different, that letters have names, and they represent sounds.
  4. Vocabulary: Knowing the meaning of words.
  5. Background Knowledge: What a child learns and experiences before entering kindergarten.

Any book counts!
   Books at Library Storytime count!
   Books on CD or tape count!
   Books on a digital device count!
   You can read the same book over & OVER & OVER and it counts each time!

How to Participate:

  1. Register for the program at the Library and take home your packet.
  2. Read together!
  3. Keep track of the quantity of books you read on the Leap into Reading sheets provided to you by the Library. This includes teachers, siblings, and anyone else reading to your child!
  4. When you finish 100 books, bring your sheet into the library and get a sticker to put on the OPL Mill Pond wall for your home record.
  5. Repeat until you get to 1000!

When you and your child get all the way to 1000 books, your child will receive a certificate acknowledging his/her GREAT achievement. He/she will be able to select a new picture book to add to the library’s collection. The book will include a bookplate with the child’s name on it and he/she will be the first one to check out his/her honor book. Your child will also have his/her photo added to our website 1000 Books Before Kindergarten “hall of fame!”
The library is a great place to find books to check out, attend free programs and gather suggestions of what to read next. Stop in often. We are here to help as you Leap into Reading!Lily pad frog

~ The Staff at the Osceola Public Library